World Plone Day: Show Your Pride

Lets make some noise

Let's make some noise

World Plone Day is almost here. This is one day of the year we celebrate and promote Plone worldwide as a community. Are you ready to make some noise for your favourite CMS? Come on everyone, gimme a P, L, O, N, E!

Before Friday, Easy Ways to Promote Plone

  1. If you are on Twitter, follow and encourage others to do so.
  2. Post a link to on Facebook, Twitter so people can see if there are events happening in their area.
  3. There is a Facebook event. Join and invite people you think might be interested. Show your pride by becoming an official fan on Facebook.

On World Plone Day, Ways to Promote Plone

  1. Vote for and comment on Plone articles on sites like Follow or check on Friday, November 7 for links to posted articles. There will also be information on Planet Plone.
  2. Write a blog post on anything Plone: tips, sites, useful docs, how you use Plone, experience of the community, etc. Be sure to tag your post with ‘worldploneday2008’. Add a link to your post to Delicious, Reddit, Digg, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Who knows, we might get noticed on Techmeme.
  3. Take pictures of WPD activities, post to Flickr, use tag ‘worldploneday2008’.
  4. Invite others to watch live streams of Plone events. Check later for more details.

After WPD, Share What Happened

So what was the response in your area? Online? What questions / comments did people make about Plone? Share what you saw, felt, experienced through blog posts, photos.

Thanks again to Roberto Allende for coming up with the WPD idea and working so hard to make it happen. Let’s help Roberto make the first ever World Plone Day an amazing success!

Have a question or idea? See the contacts for World Plone Day, or leave a comment here.