Twittered tips

Now that I have a number of people in my Twitter circle, the social utility is improving. It’s interesting to find out what other people are working on and learning about. Here are some tips and entertaining bits that have been shared in the past couple of weeks via Twitter (what is Twitter and why should I care?):

And most important of all, Rob Porter got engaged! How it all happened is an entertaining story in itself.

Want to join the circle? Sign up at twitter and then choose to follow some of the Plone people using Twitter.

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  1. tomster says:

    yeah, i’m actually pretty satisfied with my twitter experience so far, too. and your initial post about it was my (final) incentive to try out twitter myself, as well.

    so thanks… and ‘see ya!’

  2. Shane Graber says:

    Same here. I really didn’t take twitter too seriously until a number of Plone people started posting to it and then I figured I might as well try it out. I’ve enjoyed seeing what kinds of projects people have been working on — both with Plone and outside of Plone.


  3. Rob says:

    I love twitter. Especially now that a good bit of the Plone community is now using it. Thanks for keeping a list of people who are using it AND thanks for the shout out about my engagement. 🙂

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