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Social Media @ Scrum Gathering by the numbers

Scrumming forward - open space banner @ Scrum Gathering

Last week I attended my first ever Scrum Gathering in Orlando. A big part of my voluntary duties was to enhance the experience through use of social media.

Just for fun, I tabulated some numbers on social media throughput by myself and conference goers:

The Twitter fountain was a big hit. We set it up in the conference hallway one day and inside the open space ballroom the next. People enjoyed seeing tweets and photos appear live on screen.

In a follow-up post, I’ll explain more about the why and how of social media at the conference, what worked in my mind and what didn’t, and what I would do next time.

Family reunion goes social media

All this week, Giesbrechts (my wife’s side of the family) will gather here in Sault Ste. Marie for another family reunion. This one is unique as it is the first time the clan is heading east to Ontario, rather than the traditional Saskatchewan / BC destinations. For some, this will be their first visit to my home town. Everyone is particularly interested in learning more about the places that Ed, Rowena’s dad was connected to.

Not everyone can come, of course, especially with the added distance, so I’m going to try and share daily highlights through my blog. Thanks to my new iPhone, posting photos to Flickr and videos to YouTube will be a cinch. I’m even hoping to do one live webcast though I haven’t decided what or when. That should make a few heads spin around the card tables.

All photos and videos will be tagged giesbrecht09 for easy access, or just come back to my blog and click on the links.

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