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What does being a team really mean?

Yves Hanoulle is asking a question each day for people to think about, through his @Retroflection Twitter account. Each day someone is invited to respond, and today I have been asked to answer:

What does being a team really mean (as opposed to the way the word is often misapplied)

To “be a team” in my experience, means to:

  • Share goal(s), to have a common purpose for working together
  • Commit collectively to getting work done, in a spirit of collaboration
  • Respect each other’s differences
  • Trust that each person is competent, will raise issues and follow through on commitments
  • Have the courage to remove obstacles in the team’s path, including resolving conflicts within the team

Those familiar with Scrum will notice my team attributes are based on the 5 core Scrum values.

These attributes are not easy to attain. It takes time to become a team, and a lot of hard work. Just ask my wife.

Now it is your turn to answer: what does being a team mean to you?