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Happy team, satisfied customers

If you are going to the Plone Symposium East, or considering going, this post is for you.

I’m offering a one day course on the fundamentals of Scrum, the most popular Agile software development framework. It’ll be a fun, hands-on experience, using games instead of Powerpoint slides to teach.

The catch is I need 10 people to sign up to make the trip and effort to prepare cost-justifiable. You see, I would be going mainly to the Symposium offer this course. Agile is technology agnostic, so while I am an active supporter of Plone, I don’t need to brush up on my buildout skills or learn the ins and outs of deploying Plone at a university (though I’m sure Calvin and Michael will give insightful and entertaining talks). I want to offer something back to the Plone community, and Agile is what I know best. Reconnecting with Plone peeps over beers comes a close second. 🙂

My passions lie in helping others, and I get my satisfaction in helping individuals enjoy their work more, teams becoming more productive and clients pleased with the result. I get to support teams as they embrace more fully Scrum’s five core values: commitment, focus, openness, respect and courage.

Is it Worth the Cost?

At US $250, this is the most expensive training option on the menu, but compared to other Agile training offerings, this is a bargain rate. No, you won’t be a super high performing team after one day of training, but you’ll leave understanding a flexible framework you can use to:

  • Know at each step how the project is progressing (amazing, but true) and use simple charts to communicate progress to the team and client
  • Get far better at estimates
  • Adjust the plan with minimal effort, even late in the project when your client wants to make 50 “minor” changes before launch
  • Lower the overhead of managing projects
  • Keep developers happy by coding more, sitting in killer meetings less
  • Lessen the impact of context thrashing, that is doing too many projects / tasks at the same time
  • Get an agreed upon definition of done to avoid subjective back-and-forth wrangling
  • and the list goes on…

Plus don’t forget you get to play with Legos for half the day. What could be better?

Web Collective shows off their Lego creations during sprint demo
Web Collective shows off their Lego creations during sprint demo

Group Discount

Scrum is for teams, so to make it easier for companies to send more than one person, I’m offering a 10% discount for each sign up, including the first one. That’s a $25 savings per person. I haven’t figured out how to do that within the event registration system, but I’ll get it to you one way or another. To qualify, you do have to work for the same organization.

Decide By April 30 and Get a Bonus

I need a few more sign ups by the end of this month before committing to buying plane tickets. Will you join me the Symposium? Anyone who signs up by the end of the month can join me for dinner after wards where we’ll dive more in depth on the issues / topics that matter to you.

Special Offer: One-on-One

Want even more help? You can either try and corner me at a pub for free (though quality of responses may be diminished) or join me for a one on one hour session to answer any questions you might have, talk through whatever issues/challenges you are facing. Make your list and get your own personal Agile coach. Email me if interested.

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