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CBC Radio interview – ChangeCamp: a new kind of camp

Obama-mania has arrived in Canada, with the arrival of the President to Ottawa. This morning I was interviewed on CBC Radio Sudbury’s Morning North show to talk about ChangeCamp, an unconference-style event geared to re-thinking the relationship between citizens and government.

We touched on what ChangeCamp is, the inspirations for the event, namely the City of Toronto’s Web 2.0 Summit, other unconferences known as Barcamps and the new open, engagement style of President Barack Obama.

My goal is to help organize a ChangeCamp event in Sault Ste. Marie later this year, but I’ll need lots of help. I’ve created a ChangeCamp Sault page and a discussion group to get things started. If you live in northern Ontario, I encourage you to join the conversation. Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa are busy getting their ChangeCamp plans in motion.

ChangeCamp is an inclusive event, bringing together techno types, policy wonks, bureaucrats, politicians, and other inspired citizens to spark this conversation around how citizens and government engage each other. Imagine how the power of online communication can encourage more transparency, openness and engagement around shaping policy. We’re seeing how businesses, organizations and individuals can benefit, now is the time for government as well.

Due to a technical glitch, the recording got cut off near the end.

Listen to the interview on CBC radio – ChangeCamp

Obama-style change, in Canada


This weekend I’ll be at ChangeCamp which in the words of chief organizer Mark Kuznicki

is designed to create connections, knowledge, tools and policies that drive transparency, civic engagement and democratic empowerment. We want to start a new conversation about citizenship and government that understands and employs both the tools of the web and participant-led face-to-face meetings like this event. The hope is to begin a national movement by creating tools that people in their communities can take and use to help start that conversation in a way that is relevant to them.

I’m going for 3 reasons:

  • Connect. I’ve met through Twitter a number of the people going – young, talented people motivated for social change. It’ll be great to meet many of them face-to-face for the first time to build on those budding relationships, including people connected to thmvmnt. There will be a diverse crowd: citizens, technologists, designers, academics, policy wonks, political players, change-makers and government employees there to answer one question: How do we re-imagine government and governance in the age of participation?
  • Participate. This will be a chance to be at the start of a new movement, one I am passionate about. Looking forward to getting my hands (and head) dirty, excited about the ideas that will come forth from the day.
  • Learn. I’ve never been to an unconference like ChangeCamp before, where the content of the day is created by the participants and anyone who wants to lead a conversation about something that they’re passionate about will have an opportunity to do so. I’d like to help organize events like this back in Sault Ste. Marie, including a local ChangeCamp.

Registrations going fast

Not many spots left at the conference, so act quickly if you want to go. I’ll be driving down Friday from Sault Ste. Marie and have room in my car for anyone living along the way. We could make it a ChangeCamp caravan. 🙂