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Path to life

(cc) langleyo on flickr.com
(cc) langleyo on flickr.com

This is my 2nd time participating in Blog Action Day, a worldwide effort by more than 6,000 bloggers to focus attention for one day on climate change, perhaps the greatest challenge our generation will face.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless when faced with such a daunting challenge.

Life for me is a series of small decisions leading to larger ones. Our courage to say ‘yes’ to life in the big moments is supported by a path of smaller victories.

Every day we are faced with hundreds of decisions. My life comes down to asking one simple question every time I am faced with a choice:

Will the choice I make bring more life or death to me and the world (people, environment)?

How well I answer that question affects my well being. When I make choices that are more life giving, I feel more alive, joyful, and content.

Look at the choices you’ve made in your life, and take a moment to celebrate the ones that are life giving.

Now next time you buy, use or do something, ask yourself, will this choice help sustain the world in which I live?

As you become more aware of choices, over time *everything* in your life goes under the microscope. It can be tiring having the life-giving-o-meter switched on all the time. Saying ‘yes’ takes more time and energy than coasting along. It will cost more financially. There is risk and pain involved.

The reward of joyful, purposeful living is worth it.