Sault’s Twittering class grows

Michael Purvis (@MichaelPurvisOK), report with the Sault Star wrote a piece on the growing local use of Twitter. I was the lucky one to get my photo snapped. He shares the stories of:

  • an elementary teacher connecting with experts in education
  • a naturopath sharing tips and suggestions on health topics as a way to promote her business
  • a professor who dialogues with students and connects with other parents of autistic children
  • the Sault Star which now posts links to a selected list of stories and events (Michael manages this, too)

I discover new people from the Sault on Twitter every week, and the rate of adoption is increasing. I’m following about 60 people from the area at the moment. Some of these people have become good friends, even though we’ve never met.

The reality though is that only about 5% of Twitter users really understand how to use and benefit from the tool. Many give up before getting to that point.

One way I’m trying to give back to the community is by sharing knowledge of how businesses and individuals can benefit from social media. I’ve given one course on Twitter as well as a session on social media for small businesses. I’m considering offering the course again, so please contact me if you are interested.

There is also an upcoming Tweetup for people using or are interested in Twitter to connect. Register now as seating is limited.

Read the full article: Sault’s Twittering class grows (via Sault Star)