People who use Plone who use Twitter

Mr. Topf just finished creating a Plone twitter feed so now you can get tasty bits of Plone news and information throughout your day. Head to, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

There are also a number of people active in the Plone community who are twittering as well. Here are their twitter coordinates:

Are there any other twitter plonistas out there? Please raise your hand by posting your twitter url as a comment.

Updated July 30, 2007: added other Plone people who are using Twitter to the list above.
Updated August 2, 2007: added two more people to the list.
Updated August 7, 2007: Germany has two more representatives
Updated August 16, 2007: one more twit, er twitterer

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  1. taotakashi says:

    I would also like to add some simple steps on how you might help to spread the word about Plone with Twitter:

    – Create an account on, it’s free

    – find some friends of whom you think might be interesting to follow, you might start with any friends list of the people mentioned above in the post. Try to follow as many as possible as they might eventually link you back and you have a new incoming link to your stuff.

    – post interesting stuff about what you discover in life to your twitter feed (like “reading nice howto on X: http://…”) and the like. Just look what sort of posts your friends do

    – Here and then you should put some detail about Plone in there, like new releases, how much fun the community is, when the next Plone event is, interesting Plone screencasts (or do them yourself) and so on.

    This way you can make sure more and more people at least have heard about Plone. This is still a problem in certain parts of the web it seems.

    Moreover you can get some new friends via Twitter or meet some cool people in the city you are in (like in San Francisco it was easy to meet some folks by just twittering “I am in SF, come all to my hotel lobby today at 3pm”).

    And of course you should point people to 🙂
    (which should have the posts from but as it seems they do not appear yet so might need to code a little script for that myself).

    Have fun,


  2. Eric Steele says:

    You’ve already got Rob Porter, so I’ll chip in the rest of us WebLion people.

    Eric Steele –
    Christian Vinten-Johansen –
    Erik Rose –
    Mike Halm –

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a list of all of the Plone folks using as well.

  3. Scott Paley says:

    OK, I give in… I set up a Twitter account.

  4. sgraber says:

    Add mine if you like: I’m much more of a learning plonista though… :p

  5. Hello, I’m a french guy and I’m using twitter too :

  6. Farida says:

    A Plone fan. Have a twitter account

  7. Farida says:

    A Plone fan. Have a twitter account

  8. tomster says:

    Ok, ok, I give in, too 😉

  9. Frank Cohen says:

    I’m a twit too. Er, I twitter. 🙂


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