Let Google manage your email + other goodies

Google is now packaging together 4 of their services in a connected bundle for organizations:

  • Gmail for email
  • Gtalk for instant messaging
  • Google Calendar for managing schedules and events
  • Google Page creator for web pages

My first thoughts after reading this is that churches and dioceses can benefit well just by switching to Gmail, and ignoring the rest for now. Consider that:

  • You get an email account that has solid spam protection
  • Access email from anywhere
  • Power of Google’s search for your email
  • For those that want to still use a desktop email client, that is possible also. You still benefit from the spam protection as well.
  • Ditch your own mail server if you have one and save on time and $$$
  • Very easy to adminster email accounts
  • It’s free!

More info at https://www.google.com/a/

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