Meet Helium

We (Gerry and Tanya) discovered this company called Helium, that’s building out the world’s largest global wireless network to service the “Internet of Things” (you know smart home devices, GPS, health trackers, etc.) .

They are a little guy competing in the world of telcos like Sprint, AT&T and Bell… and so far they are succeeding. Backed by Google Ventures, they have the biggest network in the U.S., with customers including Salesforce and Lime (e-scooters).

Now, to compete with the big guys, they have to do things differently. Instead of relying on expensive cell towers, the Helium wireless network relies on hotspots that look a lot like a modem or router for your internet.

This funny video tells it all…

And we’ve jumped on board to help blanket the 4 corners of the earth with these little hotspots to help provide coverage just about everywhere on earth.

And that’s where you come in…

We’re looking for hosts for these little guys, so they can send out their little radio signals and sync up with the network to provide coverage for your area.

As a thank-you for hosting…

If you’re cool with hosting this little guy in your home or business, you get paid 10% of everything it gets rewarded with, just as our way of thanking you for the 3 inches of space it’ll take up on your window sill.

The cool thing is, these little babies get rewarded with tokens – which can be exchanged for cash – just for providing valuable coverage for the network.

So, how much can you earn then?

Here’s one example. This one is in a small town called Keswick, Ontario, Canada. Population of only 26,757. There are 6 Helium units in this town.

In the past 30 days, this one little guy has earned 334.21 HNT.

They earn rewards in HNT cryptocurrency coins (and don’t worry, I’ll show you how to easily convert this to cash you can spend (or save).

How much is an HNT coin worth right now?

Check out the price here. On May 1 at 3:29 pm EST, it was worth $16.64 USD.

So this one device earned a total of $5561.25 USD in one month.

My (Gerry) accountant lives in Keswick, ironically. I’m really curious to see how he makes out. I expect he’ll have similar numbers.

That means, if you were hosting this one, you’d had earned $556.13 worth of HNT… imagine that, month after month.

Now, this is just one example. There are a lot of factors that ultimately determine how many rewards you’ll get. Some are better than this, many are less. There is a sweet spot for sure.

If you provide your address information, we’ll assess your location and get back to you on its potential.

Also, the price of HNT is predicted to keep going up, month after month, year after year, for the foreseeable future, so the same amount of rewards is likely to be worth more over time.

What about costs? How much electricity does it need?

These puppies are so energy efficient, they take less than $1 worth of electricity a month.

There is some bad news, unfortunately

These devices are in very high demand. Suppliers are on back order for months. We saw this and so bought some while we could. We currently have 25 units for the month of May.

Already several of those have been assigned to hosts, and we expect the rest will go fast.

That’s why we’re reaching out to friends and family first. We want to help the people we know first before reaching out to the general public.

We will have additional units in future months, so even if it doesn’t work out right away, there are more opportunities in the future.

If you’d like to become a host, please fill out this form with your information. We’ll then research your location and assess its current revenue producing potential. 

We’re doing our best to help everyone who needs it. This can be a game changer over time. Even if we can’t deliver you one now, we will be getting more devices in the future.

And if we are able to get you one, there is an option to purchase it from us after 90 days and get 500% MORE commission from the hotspot.

Next steps…

If you want to take advantage of this, then here is the process:

  1. Apply to become a host (1 min)
  2. We’ll check your location for suitability
  3. If location is good, and we still have units in stock, we’ll ship you one of these little guys
  4. You set up the device in your home (takes minutes)
  5. Start earning 10% immediately of all rewards generated as a thank you for hosting this device.

We’ll be in touch!

Talk soon,

Gerry and Tanya

P.S. If you’d like to earn substantially more by helping expand the Helium network beyond your home, get in touch.