Got Firefox 2.0 yet?

I just installed the latest Firefox browser, having heard that it is a lot faster than the older 1.5. I had pretty much abandoned 1.5 on my Mac because it ate up all my memory and chugged so much I saw the busy spinning wheel more often than not.
With 2.0, I have to say: wow. It’s faster than Safari and Flock (a browser based on Firefox), and the new inline spell checking is a fantastic feature. We get requests from some people using DeoWeb for a spell checker so I’ve recommended the Google toolbar up to now, but inline checking takes the cake. Now there’s no excuse for those embarrassing typos when posting online.
There is also phishing protection and a bunch of other goodies.

Haven’t tried Firefox? Get it now – it’s more secure than Internet Explorer and has tons of great extensions to plug in.

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  1. theoblogger says:

    Hi Gerry. Found your blog on the wondercafe. Hey, you use a Mac, browse with Firefox, chat on wondercafe. What’s not to like? I recently inherited a mess when I agreed to be webmaster @ my church. Trying to drag the church into the 21st century even if it’s kicking & screaming. Looks like you’re a person who knows a thing or two about the challenges. You & your wife take care with the impending arrivals.

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