Getting back on the horse

This blog has been mostly idle all summer. A proficient use of Twitter, vacation, Agile 2009, new client in Toronto and perhaps most of all inertia have slowed postings to a mere trickle.

I’m working to change that, and making a commitment to all you now is the first step. Expect to see posts on

  • things I learned at Agile 2009, like rapid protyping using paper, helping individuals to take responsibility and a more formal process to transition to Agile.
  • my experiences using backlog story maps both in person and with a distributed team, distributed long-term retrospective, training using flip charts and games instead of Powerpoint

If you live in Sault Ste. Marie, start getting ready for Ignite Sault 2 at the end of October. The first event was a tremendous success, and you can watch most of the presentations online, as well as the entertaining paper tower building contest. See the presentation submissions beginning to roll in, and there is room for lots more.

Ah, that felt better, though my blog muscles might be sore in the morning. Getting back into shape is always a little painful at first.