Get personal

Is your church looking for an effective way to draw more people? In my parish, our pastor regularly encourages people to share their personal faith story, to tell people how being a Christian makes a difference in their lives. We Christians can be a shy bunch when it comes to opening up.

The River Church in Manhattan takes that personal approach and applies it to the web through their outreach site Apparently their approach is getting a lot of people to come out to a dinner and find out more about God.

Check out the full report at BlogMinistry.

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  1. pistolpete says:

    A wonderful example of leading people in faith.

    Also, you are doing a great service promoting your church through your blog.

    God bless you in your ministry.

  2. Dan Lee says:

    Thanks for the link. I also think its great that your promoting your church through your blog, keep being Church!!

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