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  • If you could suggest a unique idea that would help as many people as possible, what would it be?

    It’s a question worth considering. Never in history have so many people had so much information, so many tools at their disposal, so many ways of making good ideas come to life. Yet at the same time so many people (in all walks of life) could use some help, in small ways and big. In the midst of this, new studies are reinforcing the timeless wisdom that beyond a basic level of material wealth, the only thing that seems to increase individual happiness is… helping other people. In other words, help helps everybody.

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  • a simple tool that helps groups determine which questions should be asked at all hands meetings, conferences, Q&A sessions, etc. The idea is that there are always lots of good questions to ask in a limited period of time, but it’s hard to know which questions the attendees are most interested in hearing discussed. Moderator lets users add questions and vote on the questions of others, so the cream rises to the top.

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  • Scours social networks and web sites for people you are looking for. Great way to find and learn about someone.

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  • “experiential learning games that accelerate the adoption and understanding of Agile principles in a fun and interactive way.”

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  • effective charts to communicate scope, schedule, cost change to a client

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