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No place to go

By Posted in - Faith on May 6th, 2010 0 Comments

My experience of church growing up was that of an extended family. We attended small rural churches of no more than 50 people. Many a …

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Get personal

By Posted in - Faith on March 28th, 2007 2 Comments

Is your church looking for an effective way to draw more people? In my parish, our pastor regularly encourages people to share their personal faith story, to tell people how being a Christian …

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The Anti-Welcoming Church

By Posted in - Faith on March 19th, 2007 0 Comments

Having trouble getting new people coming to your church? Maybe your church isn’t so easy to find or as welcoming as it ought to be. Catholic churches don’t tend to think a lot about marketing …

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Faith nourished

By Posted in - Faith on October 20th, 2006 0 Comments

Just came across a Catholic Register article on how Catholics are using the internet in creative ways. Of note is how the Internet breaks down barriers and enables dioceses and parishes to utilize programs offered …

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Church for Men

By Posted in - Faith on December 31st, 1969 0 Comments

Why is it that churches are filled more with women than men? This is true of all denominations. Here are some sobering stats from the U.S.:

On any typical Sunday, 6,000,000 married women will worship without …

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