Plone 1% manifesto

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Lately I’ve been coaching a team with the talented Jordan Baker and Rob Jackiewicz of Scryent, the driving force behind Plone in the Toronto area. When they left for …

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Cut the crap, here is the real situation behind H1N1 and other pandemics

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Cut the crap, here is the real situation behind H1N1 and other pandemics:

What are the root causes of pandemics? Why is the public being scared and cajoled into taking a vaccine they know little about? What is a more holistic way that everyday people can look after themselves for stuff like H1N1 and other viruses?

This comes from Dr. Tracy Folkard, the most intelligent health practitioner I have ever met. Thankfully she is our family naturopathic doctor.

She ends with a call to action, one that I can aspire to:

“With all the known research on natural antiviral treatments it is my opinion that we should stop the fear mongering and give people back a sense of control over their health through proper health education. This in turn would stimulate both social and environmental change. Stop relying on medical ignorance as the sole means to an end. Regain power over your health. Your body will reward you by feeling happier, healthier, energized, confident, and stronger the more you commit to a healthy lifestyle.”

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