Secret map unearthed for Dialogue Room at the Scrum Gathering in…

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Secret map unearthed for Dialogue Room at the Scrum Gathering in Orlando, FL in March. If you can’t have fun here, you’re doin’ it wrong. 🙂

The Dialogue Room is the heart beat of the Scrum Gathering. Come experience a lightly structured, free flowing environment where impromptu and spontaneous conversations and activities can take place. It is intended to be a space for those who want to explore Scrum beyond the formal sessions. Anything goes; no formal workshops or talks here. The Dialogue Room coordinators will provide craft materials and games — that will spur the creation of new structure. Explore and contribute to a gallery of questions and other artifacts. Peruse the live Twitter / Flickr wall.

Got a Scrum ailment that needs diagnosis? Come visit the Scrum Clinic at the Dialogue Room. Sign up for a 20 minute session of private 1-on-1 coaching. Doctors wanted.

Are you going to the Scrum Gathering? What do you think of the Dialogue Room? What would you do differently?

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Polls Suggest Somebody Did Something Stupid

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Polls Suggest Somebody Did Something Stupid:

Classic Rick Mercer: “See this is what I love about Canada. Yes, we are apathetic. But the minute anyone tries to use our apathy against us suddenly we start to care big time.”

Let’s keep the momentum going, beyond protest and towards building a better future by re-connecting with each other. That’s why I am a part of the Changecamp movement.

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