Avoiding mistakes

Nurse, what am I supposed to remove again?

A recent study shows that surgical errors are reduced by a whopping 40% by using a simple tool: the checklist. The checklists focus on what to do before, during and after the surgery.

The state of Michigan alone reckons they save 1,500 lives a year and $200 million (in malpractice suits – joke).

I’ve found that teams also forget some of the little but essential steps which creates waste through increased mistakes and delays. Lists are especially helpful for teams and product owners who are transitioning to the Agile process. So today I created some Scrum ceremony reminder lists to help the team I am coaching and I’m making them available for anyone to use under a Creative Commons license. Let me know how they can be made better.

View and download Scrum ceremony reminder lists

Update Sept 29: Reformatted lists to print on 3 sheets of paper, 0.5″ top and bottom margins. You can print all your check lists for one sprint except for the stand up meeting on one double-sided sheet of paper.