Agility Café #4: How to support remote sales team?

Mmm good soupBob Bonell

At this café, we came up with 3 topics, and got through two:

1. Functioning on a board of directors
2. Linking remote sales efforts / people
3. Marketing multiple services

Bill Murphy shared his situation, with sales agents working individually in various parts of Canada, and a desire to have them as a group better share ideas, build camaraderie and feel connected. Listen to his 1 minute video summary for what we came up with:

About Agility Café

The Agility Café happens every Friday at Dish, 12 – 1:15 pm. Register here to get one of the limited seats. Drop-ins welcome too.

We eat business obstacles for lunch. What’s in your way of delivering more value, at higher quality, with wayyyy more fun?

Format is simple. Come with a topic or two in mind or just an open mind. We’ll brainstorm at the beginning all the topics people want to discuss, then prioritize them. We’ll try and get through as many as we can. Learn from each other, and get your caffeine fix. When it’s over, it’s over. 🙂

This is a free event, an experiment in informal coaching and mentoring, and building community.