A Personal (Kanban) dream come true

A dream of mine is coming true. For some time now, I’ve wanted to reach more people to get the deep benefit of Personal Kanban. I’m also unsatisfied with the big batch approach of one day workshops, where people absorb a lot of material before a chance to apply it. At the same time, I’ve been getting requests to do some remote PK training over the past 6 months so…

Well, the day has come. I’ve launched an online course! I’m excited, yet unsure where it will go, it’s very much an experiment.
Here is why I’m motivated to put the work into this:

  1. Material absorbed at a more manageable pace. Learn, apply, reflect, repeat.
  2. I can provide feedback to the board designs multiple times, resulting in a higher quality design.
  3. Participants get a routine nudge to keep using and experimenting, avoiding the pull back to old, familiar ways.

I’m trying to use Lean Startup, notably Running Lean by Ash Maurya to learn before scaling. The first group is limited to 10 people so that I can invest a lot of time with them, and in turn iterate to create an amazing online learning experience. Only 2 spots remain.

This is an investment in personal, team and organizational effectiveness. I’ve literally seen lives transformed through effective use of Personal Kanban. I will do my best to have people operating with more clarity, intention and motivation than ever before.
This is an experiment, being the first time I’ve worked with a group online. The upside is the course will evolve as we try things so  value is maximized. The downside is the length and structure is not set in stone, so for those who like absolute certainty, they will want to wait for a later class.
The course is a combination of self-paced learning, group discussion and one-on-one checkins. The first group will get more of my time than any future group. By being extra hands-on, I’ll be able to respond often to what people are doing as they do it. I’ve launched dozens of Personal Kanban systems over the past 3 months, and I’ve learned two key insights:
  1. Frequent touch points in the early going dramatically increase usage and understanding.
  2. Designing visually is a skill not easily mastered. My taking an active role in designing the initial system produces a much better system to start from, increasing value and motivation for the owner to use.
I’m planning to use the Udemy platform to run the course. Udemy has amazing tools and support for effective online learning. Participants will be able to post questions on any lecture and the course itself.
Here we go! I’ll share my key learnings in launching this course as it unfolds.

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