A little about me…

I host the podcast Modern Education Movement. It’s for parents seeking better educational options for their kids. I love uncovering innovative solutions out there that are otherwise hard to find!

I’m also affectionately called an “Email List Profit Extractor” (yeah that’s a little weird). What I mean is I help people make more money from their email lists…without the list owner (you?) having to do any extra work.

My goal is to build a relationship between you and your subscribers, so that every email feels like an update from a friend… someone they look forward to connecting with.

And friends don’t write boring, blah blah blah emails… I keep things fun and engaging, so each inbox arrival is a welcome break from the day-to-day grind.

Over time, that builds trust (takes time to build, only a second to lose), and people buy from those they trust.

I’ll have more to share on this in the near future. Meanwhile. you can connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn.