So you’ve got world-changing ideas and you’re gaining traction…

but need more help to turn those into reality.

For over a decade (yes, been at this for a while) I’ve worked with a diverse range of teams and organizations…

to get them into EXECUTION, turning those ideas and concepts into action.

But how to know if we’re on (the right) track? I take a DATA-DRIVEN approach to TEST and get FEEDBACK quickly and continuously…

so that the right work is being done in the most effective way to deliver the most value.

I once helped a friend save his business by dramatically cutting costs, increasing quality and improving efficiency – rewarding indeed!

I’m intellectually curious, detail-oriented and can find innovative solutions to the most challenging problems.

Now I want to be part of a team on a mission. This is the time for me to invest in something longer term, alongside others.

I also enjoy marketing and product work, lately email marketing/strategy. This year, I helped one client launch successfully his first-ever high ticket offer, solely through his email list, meeting his goal.

I know there is lots I can do at a high level. If you need someone comfortable operating in grey zones, who can adapt and learn quickly, let’s talk!

Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn or send me an email at [email protected].